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Hello! My name is André and I'm a Brazilian illustrator, living São Paulo, Brazil.

For over 13 years, I have been working with editorial illustration and children's books.

Outside of illustration, I like to read (mostly literature, philosophy and psychology), listen to strange music,

watch boring movies, philosophize with friends, make silly jokes, travel and meet new people.

If you liked my work and want to hire me, please just send me an email.

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I've worked with several companies and publishers in Brazil, such as: Abril, SM, Moderna,Artesã, FTD and SOMOS Educação, illustrating magazines, children's books and textbooks for elementary schools.


More recently, I illustrated books focused on specific themes and environments, written by professionals in psychology and psychopedagogy. I also create templates and illustrations for use on stock image platforms like Canva (Canva Creators) and Freepik.


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